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Putting the 'A' In 'DAO'

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Putting the "A" in "DAO"

  • Let robots handle the repetitive tasks, and humans the innovation.

    Leveraging the power of direct financial incentives, the system works autonomously to motivate and manage your team.

  • Task Pricing & Payouts

    Your team can focus on specifying objectives, and the system handles the rest: from task pricing to payouts.

  • Fully Extensible

    Entirely open-source. Create the perfect incentives tailored to your organization’s needs with repository-specific and organization-wide default configurations.

Augmented By OpenAI

  • Talent Recommendation

    Based on similar but already completed tasks, the system will automatically recruit the best talent for your objectives. Coming soon.

  • Duplicate Task Detection

    Ensures that no redundant tasks are funded or worked on.